Welcome to the Thief Diaries, by Trevor or “twhalen2600”

This project is a continuation of a blog I made in graduate school, “Evangelizing Thief.” In it, I looked at several Thief missions (from the first three games only) both official and fan-made. I summarized them, highlighted their better parts, and analyzed why they executed the core design principles of Thief. You can check it out at thiefdesign.blogspot.com and morethiefdesign.blogspot.com.

As I wrote at the start of that blog series, the original Thief games and their missions make up most of my creative drive. Ever since I first played the glorious Bafford-Cragscleft-Bonehoard trio of missions I knew that Thief was a special gaming experience. Since, I have loved the game’s world – atmosphere, characters, story – and the gameplay. My enthusiasm for this game series won’t die and I’m glad for it.

A time, I tried to share my enthusiasm through making Thief fan missions. It is those who have given us great Thief FMs who are the real contributors to the Thief community. But alas, I never did complete a first FM. I spent a summer messing around with Dromed and may come back to it someday. Ever since I first discovered Thief FMs I considered making one to be a lofty life goal. But for now, I offer this contribution: my writing, enthusiasm, and celebration of the best Thief missions. It’s what I did in “Evangelizing Thief” and it’s what I do here.

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